Brand Triangle

I had the pleasure of listening to Micheal Shostak of SapientNitro at the Canadian Marketing Association - Calgary Chapter lunch yesterday.  He was discussing Chasing the "always on" consumer.  As with many of these events there were great soundbites such as reaching the tipping point where North Americans spend more time on digital devices than television, AND these devices are increasingly becoming mobile.  I am a data junkie so I love quotes like this, but what I found most impactful was the brand value triangle, see left.

The brand at the top of the triangle is your brand promise; a great definition of brand promise by Jean Wilcox, one of the authors of the book AbuLLard’s ABC’s of Branding is “A brand promise is the statement that you make to customers that identifies what they should expect for all interactions with your people, products, services and company. It is often associated with the company name and/or logo.”  

The SapientNitro triangle takes the brand and adds the most important factor, the customer experience with all interactions with the customer. Once the brand is defined and articulated you need to look at all the customer touch points and do a gap analysis between the experience today and the brand, then put a plan in place to close any gaps. I love it, because it demonstrates the integration between the brand and the whole company, this really is something for everyone. 

Then, and only then can you develop your channel strategy and develop your integrated marketing communications.  Without having the customer touch point analysis you will not have the insights to select the correct channels and the right messaging.  

The final block is analytics, measure, measure and measure; marketing is a heat seeking missile, we need data to modify and focus marketing activity and maximise ROI.

So why is it important to add the customer experience as part of the brand triangle?  To be authentic, consistent and transparent.  Otherwise any money you spend on marketing communications is wasted, because your customers might try you once, but they won't be back again.  

Victoria Bennett is the Principal of Bennett Milner Williams Consulting. With over eighteen years experience in Business to Business and Business to Consumer marketing in Europe and North America; in addition she has overseen sales, operations, finance and HR, experience to ensure a comprehensive implementable solution.   She is goal-focused with strong commercial success working for major companies including; Procter & Gamble, TD Bank, Mars, Tervita, BP, Gushor (a Schlumberger company), ENMAX and Axia NetMedia. Her proven ability to define the problem, collect and analyse the data and develop an effective plan is supported by her project management abilities to draw on her strong network of trusted, proven consultants to implement the approved plan.

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